Miroslav Vitous:  Classical Percussion & Harp

This CD contains a myriad of percussion instruments and harp samples, so many, that they cannot all be listed.   These samples are masterfully recorded and painstakingly edited.  This is a superb array of samples to create your orchestral concert sound.
Miroslav Vitous:  Symphony Orchestra - The Master Set

This is the ultimate collection that includes the follwing: solo instruments I & II, String Ensembles, Wood & Brass Ensemble, Classical Percussion and Harp.  With this 5-CD collection, you will be set for creating your orchestral applications.
Miroslav Vitous:  Symphony Orchestra - The Mini Library

For those needing a less expensive alternative to the master collection, the mini library covers most of the basic orchestral sounds.  These samples cover many of the fundamental instruments in an orchestra recorded in mono, with composer blanks.
Miroslav Vitous:  Keyboard Series - The Acoustic Piano

This CD contains both mono and stereo piano samples performed by Miroslav on a Steinway piano.  All samples are sampled at 48 kHz, and tuned to A-440 with several velocity layers.  This is a reasonably price piano sample with a good range of classical styles.
reference:  http://www.ilio.com/miraslov/


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